Thursday, 27 April 2017

What is a tap and how does it work?

A tap is something that pumps out water. It can also be a cold tap and a hot tap. You can find a tap in a bathroom by the bath and the sink.when you turn the handle of the tap it lifts the shaft and water flows out.when you turn the tap off it pushes the shaft and the water stops. There can be different taps.taps can be in different shapes and sizes some are outside.Water that comes through a tap comes from a water pump station. By Cullen.

You can find taps in a ensuite  bathroom garden and a laundry room.  A tap releases water from a pipe. A tap can be made out of metal or plastic.  Some taps have one tap for hot and one tap for cold water and some taps are joined together so when you turn it one it will either be hot or cold. All taps have two pipes for hot and cold water. Taps are normally white and grey. The water in your house comes from a hot gas cylinder. You have to pay hot water in New Zealand but in Australia you have to pay for hot and cold water. Inside a tap there is a steam  which keeps the tap up. The steam sits on the washer. The washer  pushes down on the seat which then compresses and stops the water from coming out.
By Maya L

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Taking Action! How to Reduce Water Use.

We have been thinking, discussing and talking about ways we can take action in our own lives to reduce water use.  Below are some posters the students have created to show the action that you can take.

When we created our posters we talked about layout, choice of font, background and choice of images.  We reflected on our learning and asked for feedback about whether the message was clear and whether the layout made it easy to read and understand the message.