Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Minecraft Competition

INTERFACE Minecraft student competition 2017

Welcome to the entry form for the ‘INTERFACE Minecraft Student Competition 2017’.
This year we’ve teamed up with Schoolgen and the challenge is a little bit different. We want students to design in Minecraft the perfect Eco-House – an energy-efficient home that’s friendly to the environment.

There are THREE categories to choose from:
  • Primary (Years 1-6)
  • Intermediate (Years 7 and 8)
  • Secondary (Years 9+)
This is the fourth year the competition has been running. We’ve received some fantastic entries and we’re hoping for even better things this time! So, get your thinking caps on and your blocks on the move.

How do you put ‘Eco’ into a Home?
So, what are we looking for in the perfect Eco-House? Some of the key elements will be:
  • Low environmental impact: How does it fit with the world around it? We want to see a minimal impact on the environment – both in construction and on-going use.
  • Sustainable: We want to see use of sustainable materials in the construction.
  • Energy-efficiency: How energy efficient in the house? Construct is so that it makes best use of renewable energy resources, for heating and lighting, etc.
Overall, you need to create us a building that’s friendly to the environment around it – and explain why you think it is.
Powered by Genesis Energy, Schoolgen raises awareness of energy efficiency and brings solar energy to schools across New Zealand. For information, ideas and inspiration go to schoolgen.co.nz

WIN a Polaroid CUBE HD Action Camera
We’ll join with Schoolgen to judge entries and select a winner in each category, who will receive a Polaroid CUBE HD Action Camera for their classroom.
PLUS, the top three entries in each category will receive a $50 Prezzy Card for their class.


Choose the category and talk through the requirements with the student(s). Discuss what makes a house eco-friendly and how it can be constructed in Minecraft. Build the entry in Minecraft and record a video of their creation. Complete the entry form below, including an explanation of why the building is eco-friendly.
Entries will be judged equally on:
  • Accuracy and neatness of construction
  • Creativity of the design
  • Complexity of design
  • Appropriate use of materials
All entries require both teacher and student details – incomplete entries will not be accepted. Please submit one form per entry. Entries can be from individuals or groups/classes. For individuals or small groups, enter all names. For large groups or classes, enter a group or class name.You can enter more than one category but you must make a separate entry for each.
Entries closed Friday 29 September (end of Term 3). 

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Healthy Teeth - Make a Habit

We have been using our SOLO HOT Sequence map to help us organise our thinking to write a procedural text about how to brush teeth making sure we include all the reasons why.

First floss between your teeth up and down gently. Use a 45 centimeter piece of floss.  We need to floss so that we don’t have food stuck in between our teeth.  Food stuck in our teeth can turn into cavities.

Next put a pea size amount of fluoride toothpaste on your toothbrush. Put it under water.

Then brush up and down on your outer front teeth and then your bottom.

After that brush up and down the inner layer and bottom inner layer too.

Finally brush in circles on your premolars and molars and tongue.

It is important to brush your teeth because your teeth will full out and your teeth will ache so it will be hard to eat.
By Lara

First floss. To floss get a piece of dental floss that is 45 centimetres long and wrap it around your finger and put it between your teeth and make a ‘c’ shape then pull in and away because it gets out all the bits of plaque and bacteria in your teeth that you can't get out with your toothbrush. Second get your toothpaste and your toothbrush and put a pea sized amount of toothpaste on your toothbrush. Then brush your upper outer so it gets out all the bacteria and plaque. After that brush your inner outer jaw so your top line of teeth is clean make sure you go around in circles and slowly move along across the jaw. Finally brush your tongue then spit so all the bacteria gets out of your mouth. Overall I think you should brush for two minutes every day and night because there's more bacteria in your mouth than people in the world.


How to brush your teeth

First floss your teeth to get all of the bacteria out so your teeth are clean. Remember to make sure you use 45 centimetres of floss and floss in between your teeth.Next you need to put a pea sized amount of fluoride toothpaste on your toothbrush to get ready to brush and run the tap. After that brush the outside of the top layer of your teeth then do the bottom layer and make sure that you brush your premolars and molars first. After brush the top and bottom layer and brush the front teeth last. Finally you need to brush your tongue because your breath need’s to smell good and then spit at the end.

By Brayden.

Takahia Paki - Kapa Haka warm up!

Takahia paki te piti piti paki
Ki te paopao paki te piti piti paki

Takahia paki te piti piti paki
Ki te whiu paki te piti piti paki

Takahia paki te piti piti paki
Ki te taha paki te piti piti paki

Takahia paki te piti piti paki
Ki te tu paki te piti piti paki

Takahia paki te piti piti paki
Ki te kapokapo paki te piti piti paki


Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Do you know how to brush your teeth correctly?

Brush your teeth properly

NO More Nasties - brushing your teeth properly

Why do we brush our teeth?
Did you know...we have more bacteria on our teeth and in our mouth than there are people on earth!

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Book Week in Ōtākaro

There were some fantastic book characters in Ōtākaro today to celebrate books and the end of Book Week.  We were particularly impressed with the number of children who knew their characters and their stories and could tell us all about them.  

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

REAL Challenge idea - Year 4s

Environment and Sustainability - ES2 : Participate in the Travis Wetlands or other local planting /restoration day with a family member

Port Hills Volunteer Restoration Planting

Get involved in healing the Port Hills following the devastating fires by taking part in one of 12 public planting days.
We will be replanting three burnt restoration sites; Kennedy's Bush, Marleys Hill and Mt Ada.
Mt Ada is the only site suitable for families with young children (8 or younger) to attend. Please check the CCC website for the dates for Mt Ada plantings. The Kennedys Bush site involves a ten minute downhill walk in and a 15-minute uphill walk out again. The Marleys Hill site has some steep terrain.
Numbers of volunteers at each planting day will be limited to 80. You must register here for a seat on the bus that will be transporting volunteers to each site. There will be no parking at the restoration sites.
The bus ride is free thanks to the support of Environment Canterbury. Meet the bus at Princess Margaret Hospital.
You will need to bring: 
- Clothes for all weather, sun hat or woolly hat 
- Sturdy boots 
- Gardening gloves and a named, sharp spade if you have one (some will be provided)
Please check back for postponement notifications; these will be posted on the Christchurch City Council website 3 pm the day before an event.
For any queries, please contact Ranger Di Carter, di.carter@ccc.govt.nz 

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Become a Kiwi Guardian

Some fun events for school holiday explorations.