REAL Challenges - Hall of Fame

Students can present their REAL Challenges every Monday after lunch.  Students need to sign up to present their work.

Hayley has been growing crystals. So many learners were intrigued and want to give it a go themselves.

Tyrese wanted a pet tarantula - this was the compromise!
Theo has been helping out around the house.

Matilda completed the Figure It Out challenges
Bella showing us the medals she has won in gymnastics!

Theo shares about his Grandfather and the Ballantyne's fire in 1947

Theo has been participating in swimming lessons

Theo walking around Travis Wetlands twice

Malena tells us about her Trampolining

Olivia sharing information about her Holy Communion 

Bayden tells us about the meals he made for his family.

Tommy talks about his Figure It Out Challenges

Hunter shows us his Pic Collage of his trip to the West Coast and his walk to the Lighthouse

It's Coeliac Awareness Week! Click here to find out more.

Rachael found her recipes on the Sticky TV website, you might like to look there to find ideas for yourself!
Sticky TV Recipes

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