BYOD - iPads and Digital Citizenship

Awesome App:Classify It
Classify It! lets you test your knowledge of how various organisms can be sorted and grouped. To do this, you are challenged to play through three different modes: Easy, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each mode has 10 levels plus a bonus section. You earn a Creature Card each time you get 100% for a level. Plus, you can win three more Creature Cards in the fast-paced bonus section!

Please make sure the following apps are on your BYOD iPad
- Google Chrome
- Notability
- Google Docs
- Google Drive
- Explain it
- Popplet
- Pic Collage

We now have school email addresses for all students who bring their own iPads to school.

BYOD - iPads
Remember . . . 
- iPads go home with learners every night
- iPads should come to school fully charged
- learners are responsible for the safety and care of their own iPad
- iPad pass codes should not be shared with other learners
- iPads are a learning tool
- No use of iPads before school, at break or lunch unless supervised by a teacher.

App of the Week - Notability
Try out taking a photograph of your Basic Facts sheet and try annotating over the top.  This will mean you can do extra basic facts practice!

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